Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello from Atlanta!

Thanks to Catie for the ride to the "dad-port". It was an uneventful flight from CVG to ATL. We were all scattered around the plane on a very full flight.

We have a 3 hour layover here then off to Roma (6 1/2 hours there) and into Sofia tomorrow afternoon.

I decided to spring for Delta Sky Club for a nice place to chill with the boys if we have any flight problems and free food and beverages is not bad either.--- It has not been that long since my last Sky Club stay, but I was bummed to find out there is no more hot food offered.--- stinkers-- Cheese and Crackers and "baby cut" carrots will not work for brunch ---so off to Krystals in Terminal "A" in a bit.-- Chili Cheese Pups here we come!

Any suggestions for 6 hours in Rome? We could take the express train to the center--- about 20 bucks each way-- we would have at least a couple of hours to explore a bit. We could spend a euro and take the city bus to the Lido or tour Ostia Antica --- would love any and all ideas!

Camera boy has no pictures to share yet---

more soon!


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