Saturday, December 10, 2011

Deyan's First 24 Hours With Us

What a cool little kid--

First--- I have added more photos to yesterday's post if you would like to check them out!

Deyan finally fell asleep last night LATE--- and slept this morning LATE--- I finally talked him into getting up at about 9:15---

We all went down for breakfast. He had coffee cake with milk to make mush--- 2 packs of instant oatmeal and  close to half a cup of yogurt with honey.

The kids want to do the Sofia Walking tour but we were running late. We asked a fellow with a British accent for the time. We got to chatting--- SMALL World--- His wife was from Cincinnati. He is here teaching at American University in Blagoevgrad (where Martin is). He is in Sofia for the Opera tonight... We chatted for a bit and asked him to give our regards to Markus and Sabina--- WOW-- indeed a small world.

Back to the room for a bath---pics are coming at the end of  the post-

Nice and clean and dry we head to the Billa to get baby food and snacks. He was a bit freaked by all of the activity. Marie held his hand while I pushed him in the stroller. Back into the familiar setting of the grocery cart he was in a great mood---dancing to every upbeat song that came on the MUZAK.

Marie carried him back to the hotel--- only about a 10 minute walk.

Lunch for Deyan:

  • Jar of Pumpkin/Potato/tomato food
  • Baby Yogurt supplement
  • 1 whole banana lightly mashed
  • a jar of peaches--

He is in the crib, but not looking too tired-- we see about that nap thing.

Still to go today--- Heading out with James to get Doener for lunch- Marie will hang with Deyan.

Marie and James are going on the walking tour tonight at 6 while Deyan and I watch the Crosstown Shootout!

More later


Here are bath-time pics

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