Monday, December 5, 2011

Tomorrow we FLY!


tomorrow we fly!

Mary and I spent the weekend in DC looking for some ideas for Jake and his pintching Serbska paws--- we got some good suggestions--- I hope they work--- really

I think we are all packed. --- to remember-- Passports, Credit Cards and ---ummmmm that's it-- the rest they have there. So we are good

The electronics list for this trip is lighter as I will not be working from the road--- so a netbook, ipad, and various personal mp3/ipod touch/android thingies... Kindle--- MAYBE--- but other than the flight over and the car ride to Burgas there will not be a lot of reading time --- so Kindle---- HOME (maybe)

I'm a bit unhappy about the large suitcase that has been thrust upon me--- yes I know it has the goodies the boys "need", but they have lived with so much less for the past 6 years--- why now??? Cuz we can?? Oh Well

next update from the road! (maybe on the mobile version of Blogger so please forgive the typos)

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