Thursday, December 15, 2011

Long Time No Post!

Who ever would have thoughts that 2 little boys can run 2 1/2 adults ragged!

Actually One Martin!!! Deyan is a super easy little guy!

Main issue with Martin is his SIB-- When he is tired, bored or angry he pops himself-- When we picked him up he had a huge gash on one side of his face--- a smaller one on the other side-- plus one scabbed over bite mark on his arm. Everything looks so much better in just these few days-- But he needs to be in arms reach all the time to keep him safe. It is especially bad around bed time. He cannot be put into bed and left. He must be held until sleep comes--- then I can put him down in his crib.

The great news is he is starting to really like being held and rocked. The first night he was so scared. He raged for nearly 3 hours. Night 2 about an hour--- last night he was unhappy with being held but it was angry screaming from time to time-- He calmed down after about 10 minutes and fell asleep---- unfortunately our bed time timing was bad and when Deyan came in from his bath Martin woke.

We sat and talked and sang-- with an occasional "request"  from him to get down-- until 2am. We both fell asleep in the chair. I put him into bed around 3.

He really is such a sweet boy when he is firing on all cylinders-- He loves to give hugs and sit with you-- Hopefully when things settle down the SIB will depart!

The boys slept in until about 7:50 (YAY) except that we need to be up and out to the medical appoints. Marie ran down to get their food--- diapers changed and ready with 10 minutes to spare!!! Go "Team"!!

Doc appointment was easy and it would have been quick without the long line. Not to get political, but this was a private clinic but very similar to government sponsored care in England. Has anyone factored in lost productivity time of government sponsored health care. An appointment that would have taken less than an hour at home was well over 2--

Marie played with Deyan while Martin and I walked up and down the steps in the stifling hot building--

Once we got into the docs office it was great--nice older fellow who was good with the boys. Another 20 minutes for paperwork--- pay and OUT! Just enough time to get the boys lunch in the room before our embassy appointment.

It is always so nice to get back onto American Soil. To see 110 current plugs. Everyone at the Consulate is TOP NOTCH. What nice and efficient folks. We had a bit of a wait, but the interview process was a snap. It was much quicker and easier that Serbia or Ukraine (and what a nice new building!)

Cab ride back to the "Pest" for a quiet evening--

Side note--- Martin LOVES car rides. WOW...he sits with his hands in his lap and watches the world go by---- He now tried to get into any taxi with an open door!

Many thanks tor Marie and James--- I am now at the restaurant eating my first meal since breakfast 2 days ago!-- Shopska Salad, pork wrapped in pork and Shumensko-- We will eat in shifts tonight just like we do for breakfast

That is pretty much it for today-- we hotel bound Tues and Weds and discovered the fun things to do here at the "Pest"

Let Papa hold you up to the window in the room and watch traffic as papa describes the different vehicle types--- his fave is the "spider trucks" that haul away illegally parked cars.
Go outside the lobby and get a street level view of the same game
Walk up and down the stairs (actually he prefers to walk down and take the elevator up)
Do "pretend" laundry--- fold and unfold shirts and towels
Eat Puddi (brand of Pudding)
Eat Fruti (brand of yogurt)
Make fun of Papa when he coughs

bath time
Bath Time
Dance the Robot while chewing on Marie's Ipod cover
Cuddle and squirm on the bed
bath time
Lotion Time
Play with his spikey Ball!

Sorry for no pictures--- I will try tonight IF Martin decides to sleep!


Actually Marie wants Starbucks, I'd like to try to take them to the traditional Bulgaria place up the street for lunch (Gotta try sometime) and maybe try to go back to the Christmas Market---

Little or none of that is likely--- but it's a plan!

Again, sorry for the delay is posting--- it has been very crazy-- plus this dang cold and cough that won't go away!

Waaa poor me :-)

Love Papa!

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  1. You guys are GREAT and my heros for doing this to bring home my boys. THANK YOU ALL! I love and miss you. Can't wait to hug you all!