Friday, December 9, 2011

GOTCHA DAY for Deyan Emmanuel!


We got him. The first impression is what great care they have taken of him- He has gotten sooooo big!
more in a sec---but first the PICS:

Not sure why the picks look a bit funky---I'll try to play with them later---

Sooo We were up for breakfast at 8 and off to pick Deyan up! We waited in the director's office for what seemed like forever---then there he was--- my goodness. He has gotten taller and really plumped up. So stinkin cute! Thanks to Orphanage "Faith, Hope and Love" for an amazing job keeping our little guy alive and well!

Lots of tears and about 45 minutes later we were on our way. He was not (still is not) sure what to think of the car seat. We stopped at the sea for some pics and to put his hand in the water then started the looooong drive back. 

A stop at the Billa for diapers, wipes and baby food and a change and feeding and back on the road. He blasted right through nap time.

We stopped for some grownup food at a truckstop roadside kiosk---Deyan mooched and decided it was work-out time. He grabbed my thumb and took off running. We got back to the hotel about 5:30 our time and went down for dinner. Deyan had baby-gert and a big jar of salmon and veggie baby food- Loved it!

back to the room for some Skype time then bedtime---HA RIIIIGHT.... he had lots of trouble getting to sleep. Wanted to play the clapping game and be picked up and give kisses. 

Melatonin time --20 minutes later he is zonked.

We have a bunch more pics to upload, but they are on ipods and such-- need to get them uploaded and I will embed them here

LONG but AWESOME day--

Off to bed


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