Friday, December 30, 2011

Past my Bedtime!

It is 8:30 and it is bedtime!

The new guys are doing GREAT-- an unexpected treat is Jake is also at the top of his game--- he loves playing with Deyan and Martin and has been as good as he has ever been--- Good Job Baby Bear!

I have been on Jake Duty since our return--- he gets up during the night--- Rarely do I get more than 4 hours of sleep straight --- I never thought I could do this, but I am making it--- thanks to God for the strength to go without a good night sleep--- That has ALWAYS been my biggest weakness--- and be it age and wisdom--- or age and body changes--- or God's will -- It has gone okay!

Even with all the difficulty this may well have been the best 2 weeks of my life! Watching Deyan smile in his swing---martin give "high fives" and bust out laughing every time or watching the boys fight over who gets papa this time--- Wow Am I lucky!

I'm in love with the new guys and with all of my wonderful family!

So Blessed

Please if you feel a calling to adopt or know someone who does---- Help to bring the babies home!

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