Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Last Day in Bulgaria--- Home Here we COME!

Greetings from the Restaurant at Hotel Budapest-- Eating in shifts worked great yesterday--- so I'm first then I order the boys' dinner. Marie and I feed them while James eats--- then Marie comes down while I get them to bed--- Too bad it took most of the week to get it nailed!

It was a great day today-- and we actually did almost everything we wanted!

Martin woke up just before 6 and Deyan followed right behind.

Down to make their breakfast and get a quick cup of tea--- Martin was SOOOO happy to have his breakfast mash. Deyan---- well not so much.

Bath time! Martin on the steps time. Car watching time.

At 11:30 we started to the traditional place for lunch. A nice but cold walk and we enter the cute little place-- Deyan was cool with it- Martin wanted out NOW! I left some cash and Marie, James and Deyan Stayed for lunch-- I started back with Martin... Man it got cold and windy in the past 20 minutes--- some drops of rain too.

Poor little Martin. He stopped at every parked car wanting to get in.-- We just had some fruities for lunch and walked the steps.

WE decided the best use of our time and remaining Leva was to do a tour. The Hotel arranged for a GREAT Driver (If you are touring ask for Dmitry the cabbie--- good English, immaculate cab and Cars 2 on the DVD for the kids (well for James).

I'm so glad we did the tour. My impression of Sofia was that it was dirty and run down--- Nope--- the city center is great-- just the used car parts section of town where we are (and between here and the center) is dirty..

Marie got her Starbucks, we got to see all the major sights for 80 Leva for a 2 1/2 hour tour. Martin LOVED it--- Deyan took a bit of a nap.and did okay.

One last run to the Billa for wipes and more fruities for the plane--plus "real" fanta and some milka for the guys at home-- ad 2 2 liters of Shumensko--- still makes me laugh

Thanks to the folks here at the "Pest" for lovely gifts for the kids and a nice treat for us! We leave tomorrow at 5:30am--- 10:30pm home time. A long day for the little guys.

Please keep us in your prayers for a calm and uneventful flight!

Well-- one last Shopska salad and one last Shumensko----

We have a TON of Pics-- just have not been able to get them up---Check back over the weekend--- I promise I'll get them up!

Next stop HOME!---well Rome-- then Atlanta-- then home!



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